We Offer an Alternative to the Traditional Marketing Agency

SolvStat lives at the intersection of creativity and business, finding solutions based on data-driven insights, and deprioritizing decisions based on opinion. SolvStat helps its clients realize faster marketing or branding results, with less guesswork, and less risk. Stop solving creative problems the long, complicated, and expensive way.


Marketing Strategy

SolvStat analyzes your competition, discovers trends, & uses creative thinking to challenge traditional solutions. We iterate, test, and revise—with data-driven results.


Brand Building

SolvStat mines for patterns that can be turned into insights to help businesses find their brand strategy and purpose. We help you build equity and a story that moves people to act.

adding expertise

Marketing Consulting

Adding a marketing executive can be expensive. SolvStat consults for its clients on a fractional or part-time basis to drive marketing and business results where they are needed.


Future Modeling

SolvStat discovers who or what is going to disrupt your business, allowing your organization to grow and create new market share before it happens.

Opinions Can Be Risky for Your Business. Stop Guessing.

At SolvStat, we understand the power of creativity and data to drive business success. We believe that combining data-driven insights with creative expertise is the key to unlocking transformative growth and creating impactful brands. With a network of creative experts, researchers, and strategists, we seamlessly blend the art of storytelling with the science of predicting human behavior to deliver solutions that propel your business forward.Our approach begins with a deep understanding of your business and its objectives. Through an analysis of the data around your business, we uncover valuable insights about your target audience, market trends, and competitive landscape. These insights form the bedrock of your strategy, brand positioning and communication tactics—ensuring that every marketing decision you make is grounded in data and novel creative thinking—not opinions and guesses.

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“Our partnership with SolvStat produced a 300%+ ROI.”

–Ronny Young, Founder & CEO, Polymath

Why SolvStat Exists Today

Tobias Brauer has been a marketing, branding, and creative leader in Cincinnati for more than twenty years—accumulating a wealth of experience and knowledge. For the last decade or so, he lent his expertise to various branding agencies, working with Fortune 100 clients and understanding their pain points in marketing and branding projects.After graduating from business school at The University of Notre Dame, Tobias embarked on his own entrepreneurial journey, founding SolvStat. Realizing there had to be a better way, his goal was to simplify and disrupt the marketing and brand consulting process. He believed that a combination of creativity and data was the key to success in marketing and branding, and he was focused on making this process work faster and be more cost-effective.SolvStat has quickly gained recognition and an impressive roster of clients for its innovative methodologies. Tobias leads a network of harmonized creative, strategy, and data experts through his approach to marketing and branding—ensuring practical and efficient solutions to meet his clients’ needs. Today, SolvStat stands out for delivering results and producing tangible value, quickly and effectively, (which is exactly where the name comes from: SolvStat = Solve + Quickly (Stat).Tobias Brauer’s transition from working with clients as an agency professional, to then founding SolvStat, showcases his commitment to evolving the art and science of marketing through the fusion of creativity and data. SolvStat continues to gain traction in Cincinnati and throughout the rest of the globe, guiding businesses toward impressive, measurable results in their marketing and branding needs.

Our Services

Marketing Services:
Agency & Consultative Marketing
Digital Marketing
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
Social Media Marketing
Content Marketing & Creation
Website Design
Branding Services
Email Marketing
Pay-per-click Advertising
Internet Marketing
Inbound & Outbound Marketing
Marketing Strategy
Online Marketing
Small Business, B2B, and D2C Marketing
Marketing Automation
Marketing Analytics
Video Marketing
Go-to-market Planning & Strategy

Branding Services:
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity Design
Visual Identity Design
Logo Design
Brand Messaging
Brand Guidelines
Brand Development
Brand Positioning
Brand Architecture
Brand Research
Brand Management
Brand Storytelling
Brand Launch
Brand Collateral Design
Brand Website Design
Packaging Design
Brand Advertising
Brand Events & Experiences
Brand Consulting
Brand Audits

SolvStat takes pride in its ability to provide a comprehensive suite of marketing and branding services, made possible through our extensive network of contracted professionals.These specialists are experts in their respective fields, ranging from graphic design and art direction to web design, strategy, marketing, and copywriting. This diverse and talented pool of professionals allows us to assemble dedicated teams tailored to the unique needs of each branding project.With SolvStat, our clients can be confident that their marketing and branding needs are met by a network of top-tier professionals.

SolvStat was founded by Tobias Brauer and is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. SolvStat offers its clients brand, marketing, and consulting solutions—backed by data and driven by creativity—no guesswork, just results. Copyright SolvStat LLC, 2024Feel free to reach out: | 1.513.560.6831 | 1435 Vine Street Cincinnati OH 45202 |

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